This is who we are

Our members are a worldwide community of inspiring health professionals working together to advance our profession and improve patient care. Many of us give our time freely to develop curricula, set exam questions, and contribute to the development of good health policy. Each year, several thousand hours of our members’ time is given voluntarily, working in partnership with our College staff, in pursuit of our purpose to provide relevant, meaningful and inspirational support to one another as we progress through our careers.

In 2018/19, our membership grew by 4% and we welcomed 1,142 new members to our College community. Our total membership of 14,590 is spread across 92 countries.

Our trustees and governance

Under the leadership of our College President, the College Council of elected representatives give their time generously to support the ongoing advancement of our College. Members of College Council and Faculty Executive Boards as at December 2018 can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

College Council
Faculty of Dental Surgery Executive Board
Faculty of Travel Medicine Executive Board
Faculty of Podiatric Medicine Executive Board

David Galloway

Professor David Galloway ended his three year term as President at the College AGM in December 2018.

Jackie Taylor

Professor Jackie Taylor assumed the role of President at the same meeting, becoming the first female President in the College’s history.

Our Communities

Our members are a community of inspirational leaders working across diverse areas of healthcare. From engagement to influencing policy and supporting the development and delivery of educational opportunities and examinations, our members get involved in a wide range of activities and networks. Click the links below to find out what our communities have been involved with in 2018-19.

International and Regional Advisors and College Tutors
Academy of Clinical Educators
Policy Network
Mentorship Programme
Buddy scheme
Examiner panels
Trainees Committee
Senior Fellows’ Club
Intercollegiate partnership

Our Influence

We are the only Royal College in the UK and Ireland that represents healthcare professionals working across medicine, surgery, dentistry, travel medicine, and podiatric medicine, and our College plays a critical role in setting standards in all of these disciplines.

We are inclusive in our outlook and believe there is great strength in working with others to deliver the best outcomes, whether that is in influencing policy changes, delivering education and examinations, or supporting colleagues around the world.

The graphic on the left illustrates the wide range of Colleges and organisations we work with to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Our Heritage

HOPE is the latest iteration of the College’s charitable mission and gives our membership the opportunity to express their ambitions for tackling the barrier to healthcare locally and internationally.

- Mike McKirdy

HOPE Foundation

The HOPE Foundation is the philanthropic fund of the College, fundraising and making grants to charitable projects that improve access to healthcare for those in disadvantaged circumstances. In 2018-19 16 formal applications were considered, and the Board was delighted to award a total of £33,737 to seven projects.

Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows

We have been fortunate to have a longstanding relationship with the Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows network, and have mutually benefited from supporting SCLFs in the College over the past number of years.

In March, we hosted the Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellows group for a conference on Leadership in Action. The conference focused around the important role of good leadership in delivering a healthy medical workforce.

During 2018-19, Jack Fairweather was based in the College during his SCLF year and he worked in the following areas:

Antimicrobial Resistance