This is what we do

Our Fellows and Members are the heart of our College community. They are committed to ongoing learning and development to remain at the forefront of patient care.

Our approach to learning and professional development enables members across all disciplines to both contribute to the delivery of education, examinations and peer support, and learn from colleagues and experts at all stages of their career.



Awarded 26,075 CPD points to healthcare professionals.

Welcomed 6,465 people to 181 conferences and courses delivered by 1,245 trainers and teachers.

In 2018/2019 our educational delivery included:

37 conferences
117 clinical courses
27 non-clinical courses
3,343 eLearning modules downloaded

We were delighted to work with a number of partners in delivering our excellent educational programme, and are grateful for the opportunities to work together to deliver the highest standards.

We worked with:

  • NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to deliver our Medicine for All series of half-day conferences for general internal medicine trainees
  • Scottish Government and NHS Scotland to deliver the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference
  • British Global and Travel Health Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to deliver innovative travel medicine conferences
  • West of Scotland Intensive Care Society to deliver an evening tutorial series covering all the major areas of intensive care medicine

Structure of day with dedicated 90 min slots to different specialities. Enough time to give a comprehensive update of major topics in each of the medical specialities, but not too long as to become bogged down with specifics of speciality/dedicate too much time to one speciality. The range of subjects was good; all presenters were well prepared and presented well. Location was good and it was well organised.

- Medicine24 conference attendee

In 2018-19 we...

Welcomed 3,784 exam candidates at one of our 39 exam centres around the world.

A total of 23 exams were supported by some of the 1,125 examiners on our examiner panels.

The average pass rate across all exams was 57%.

494 new questions were submitted to our exam question banks.

Our exam delivery included:

  • 3 medical exams (MRCP(UK) Part 1, MRCP(UK) Part 2, MRCP PACES)
  • 8 surgical exams (MRCS Part A, MRCS Part B OSCE, DOHNS Part 1, DOHNS Part 2 OSCE, FRCS Ophthalmology Parts 1, 2, 3, FRCS Urology )
  • 9 dental exams (MFDS Part 1, MFDS Part 2, IM Special Care Dentistry, ISFE in Dental Public Health, Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry)
  • 2 travel medicine exams (MFTM Part 1, MFTM Part 2)
  • 1 podiatric medicine exam (MFPM Part 1)

Our exam centres

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Membership Services and Support

Use of Library
Library Reading Room

Use of our Library Reading Room increased by 50% from 2017/18, with 1,437 people using the space and facilities for research, informal meetings, or simply for some breathing space.


We responded to 448 requests for verifications for employment.

Awards and Scholarships

We awarded £61,490 in awards and scholarships. Find out more.

Library Enquiries
Library Enquiries

We supported 1,174 library enquiries, including document supply, Athens registration, and one-to-one help with databases and other resources. More of our members, including trainees, made use of the library.

1599 at the Royal College

In 2018-19, 1599 at the Royal College welcomed 11,000 visitors to the College at 188 events including:

108 Medical
42 Corporate
11 Charity
14 Government
5 Private
6 Fellows and Members
2 Weddings

We just wanted to send a big “thank you” to the team at 1599 for making our day so wonderful. All our guests commented on the venue, few of them knew of it and they all loved it! All you had done to refurbish and prepare the building paid off brilliantly, the whole place sparkled and looked spectacular. The food was delicious and everyone loved it.

- Kearney Rasso