This is who we are

We are proud to say we are the only Royal College in the UK which welcomes healthcare professionals across the range of medical and surgical specialties.
We are also home to dentists, members of the extended dental care team, travel medicine specialists, and podiatrists across the world – a truly multidisciplinary organisation working together as one.


members in 87 countries including


new Fellows and Members welcomed into our College community in 2018

Our core values

Founded in 1599 by surgeon Peter Lowe, we remain committed to inspiring, nurturing and supporting our diverse and inclusive community of members in their quest to deliver the highest possible standards of care for their patients.


We empower our members...

In 2018

we ran 16 exams in 43 centres around the world


people sat our exams, 53% of them passed*

Our examinations unit supported and delivered the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship examinations on behalf of the four Dental Faculties in the UK and Ireland in the following specialties:

  • Dental Public Health
  • Oral Medicine
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
*Figures based on average pass rates at time of production.

...and celebrate their success

Admission Ceremony Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow


new Fellows and Members celebrated with us at our Admission Ceremonies


people joined us at our College open evening


was awarded by the College in 2018 as grants and scholarships to


outstanding people

We delivered an extensive clinical and non-clinical programme of education, training and professional development

Courses and conferences attended by 4,643 people

CPD points awarded in 2018

Speakers and teachers delivered our courses and conferences

eLearning modules were completed

Leadership, influence and working with partners

We play an integral role on a number of intercollegiate groups and are an active voice for our members in influencing and shaping medical, surgical and dental curricula, training and assessment to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Partnership graphic
Securing a Healthy Brexit Deal

We published a report Securing a Healthy Brexit Deal outlining ten recommendations for action.

VOICE - New Membership magazine

We launched a new membership magazine, VOICE.
We responded to 35 consultations and were mentioned in the national media 86 times.

Leadership lectures

We launched a series of President’s Leadership Lectures covering a range of topics including Leadership and Action in Global Health, Gross Negligence, Manslaughter and Culpable Homicide, and Enigmata ad Infinitum.

Global Health

We hosted the first NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Conference, supported 40 international medical graduates to take up training positions on the Medical Training Initiative and launched the Livingstone Fellowship.


people signed up our new opt-in GDPR compliant mailing list


average open rate, average click rate is 5.84% (that’s way above industry average of 2%)



On 31st January, we recorded our busiest website-day on record with 8,624 page views on our website. This was due to our article on the Hadiza Bawa-Garba v GMC.

Message from our President

To fulfil this role has been an honour, and an enormously enjoyable privilege.

A welcoming, supportive community

Our members are the College. We are a community of professionals committed to delivering excellence in healthcare. Many give their time freely to develop curricula, set exam questions, and contribute to consultations, to ensure the highest standards are set for the next generation of health care professionals.
College Network graphic

Our college tutors, regional and international advisors are located throughout the UK and around the world

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Today our College membership comprises 14,458 individuals across 87 countries. Our College is a thriving, diverse, global community and we are delighted to welcome more than 1,000 new Fellows and Members in 2018. Thanks to the commitment of our membership, our clinical volunteers, and our staff, we are well set to continue to deliver on our College purpose.

During the past 12 months, we have sharpened our focus even further and continue to make excellent progress towards achieving our ambition to be the “Go To” Royal College. We have harnessed our efforts to deliver on three strategic priorities:

  • To deliver an educational and assessment programme that responds to and meets the needs of our members and prospective members, enabling them to deliver the highest standards of care to their patients
  • To engage and connect with our members and prospective members in a way which is both effective and impactful
  • To raise our profile across healthcare, public and political domains as an influencer of change for the common good.

Today our College membership comprises 14,458 individuals across 87 countries. Our College is a thriving, diverse, global community and we are delighted to welcome more than 1,000 new Fellows and Members in 2018. Thanks to the commitment of our membership, our clinical volunteers, and our staff, we are well set to continue to deliver on our College purpose.

Clinical volunteers play an essential role in enabling the College to deliver excellence. We are indebted to all those who continue to contribute to the success of our College. We are the only Royal College which contributes to the development of educational curricula, examinations and assessment across medicine, surgery, dentistry, podiatric medicine and travel healthcare. All our College work relies on the selfless commitment from clinical volunteers who lead and participate on standard setting groups with our partners in the other Royal Colleges. Our clinical volunteers also contribute to all aspects of the College including the development and delivery of educational courses and conferences, examinations and assessments, and membership services and engagement. We are indebted to all those who continue to contribute to the success of our College.

Mindful of the time commitment of many of our clinical volunteers, over the past year we have completed a review of our committees and structures, with a view to moving forward with a more efficient structure that works better for everyone.

Through investment across many areas of the College business, we have built our resource and capacity to support our membership, to enhance our voice and expand our delivery of educational activities, examinations, and engagement. In the 2018 annual report, you will see that:

  • Our College membership is the highest it has ever been, with excellent and sustained year on year retention of members
  • Our College examinations activity continues to grow and 2018 saw the highest ever number of candidates sitting our College based exams
  • Our ambitious educational programme continues to attract high attendance and quality feedback across our flagship events and clinical skills programmes

Internationally, we have developed a strong partnership with Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (deemed University), the College of Surgeons in Sri-Lanka, the Hong-Kong Dental School and a number of Malaysian Surgical Specialist Societies. We look forward to working with all our partners towards delivering education and examinations across our faculty disciplines. We look forward to working with all our partners towards delivering education and examinations across our faculty disciplines.
In response to the membership survey carried out in 2017, over the past year we have implemented a number of new initiatives to ensure we continue to meet our members’ needs. In 2018, we have:

  • Developed a much clearer view of our strategic ambitions across each of our five disciplines over the short, medium and long term
  • Expanded, and continue to develop our clinical and non-clinical skills educational programme
  • Launched a new membership magazine, VOICE
  • Invested in dedicated membership support both nationally and internationally allowing greater engagement with our regional and international advisors, and a greater voice and profile in public affairs
  • Developed a new online system to streamline event booking (due to be launched in January 2019)
  • Introduced fortnightly education and exam update emails, and a monthly President’s bulletin
  • Actively engaged in political decision making and debate, ensuring our voice was heard in public and political domains
  • Grew our core trainee buddy scheme and established a new policy network, providing more opportunities for members to engage and contribute
  • Improved access to the story of our College both onsite and online through the delivery of a digital heritage engagement programme and expansion of our public opening and heritage events programme.

Our achievements span all areas of College activity, and I invite you to read more throughout this annual report. We have also made significant progress towards our ambitions in our staff engagement and organisational development programmes

All of this work has taken place under the leadership of our President Professor David Galloway, who will demit office after completing his three year term as President in December. Personally, it has been a tremendous privilege and honour to work with David and I commend all that he has achieved during his three years as President. I have learned so much under David’s leadership.

Professor Jackie Taylor will assume the role at the AGM in December, and I am equally as excited to be working closely with her in the years ahead to deliver on our vision to be the Go To Royal College.

CEO Message - Steve Graham portrait CEO Message - Admission Ceremony CEO Message - Our Clinician CEO Message - Admission Ceremony - College CEO Message - President CEO Message - International partnership CEO Message - Jackie Taylor new president

We enhanced access to our collections

We launched a new heritage website with c800 collection items now accessible digitally and we welcomed 1,400 people to 19 Heritage events and our weekly coffee conversations.

And we opened a new exhibition...
The exhibition space in the heart of the College’s St Vincent Street building is further enhanced by a new exhibition titled ‘Our Science and Art: Visualising the Human Body’. The exhibition uses the College’s amazing heritage collections to show how visualising the human body has benefited medicine and surgery, from 16th century anatomy illustrations to digital imaging. Linking to the College’s founding principles and drawing on Glasgow’s rich contribution to imaging (for example x-ray and ultrasound), the exhibition is a visual feast and stimulating talking point for all visitors. Our innovative digital heritage work provides enhanced access, via screen-based display in the College and on our Heritage website.

Doors open day - Heritage exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Increasing access to our heritage and collections

External funding secured to support Heritage activity (c £80,000)
New, permanent exhibition space in Crush Hall
Integration of Heritage graphics into other key areas of SVS
New Heritage website dedicated to improving access to our collections
Numerous collaborations with partners making our heritage more visible, vibrant and relevant
Maintaining and improving standards of collections management required by Museum Accreditation

1599 at the Royal College

In 2018, 1599 at the Royal College welcome 11,000+ visitors to the College at more than 200 events including:




















Investing in our future

The College Annual Financial Statements for the financial year, 2017/18, were approved by our auditors, Scott-Moncrieff, our Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and Council in August 2018.

The College experienced a deficit of £981K for the year. This is in line with the 5 year plan approved by Council in April 2017, which supports investment in the infrastructure of the College, enabling structured growth to bring the College back into a surplus position by 2022/23.

Fixed assets have increased by £2.31M, following the refurbishment of our building on St Vincent Street and this saw the installation of our Davies E-Learning Centre which will enhance our digital capability, combined with the creation of our Macewen Skills Centre.

Our income has grown by almost £1M over the last two years, with subscriptions income increasing by almost 10% and both our income from our Education and Exams activity growing by 37%.

As our income grows, so does our expenditure and our key challenge for the next few years is to hold these costs as flat as possible. Our salary costs are especially high, rising by almost £0.5M during the year due to being a service driven organisation and the investment in our teams to deliver growth. The current investments in key systems should assist in this target being met through process efficiencies.

Depreciation costs have now increased, following the capital investment in buildings and systems over the last few years, while the stock market valuation of our portfolio held fairly flat compared to last year’s spectacular increase.

2017/18 Group Income

2017/18 Group Expenditure

The College balance sheet remains robust, while we continue to utilise our assets to support growth of our charitable objectives and to support our Fellowship and Membership in their professional journey.


Click on the icons below to know more about the College governance.

Travel Medicine
Podiatric Medicine

College Council

Office Bearers


Professor David Galloway

President Elect

Dr Jackie Taylor

Vice President (Medical)

Professor Hazel Scott

Vice President (Medical)

Dr Hany Eteiba

Vice President (Surgical)

Mr Andrew Henry

Vice President (Surgical)

Mrs Alison Lannigan

Vice President (Dental)

Professor Graham Ogden

Honorary Secretary

Dr Richard Hull

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Rajan Madhok

Honorary Librarian

Mr Roy Miller


Dr Roderick Neilson

Faculty Deans / Representatives

Dean of the Faculty of Travel Medicine

Mrs Jane Chiodini

Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine

Professor Robert Ashford

Secretary of the Faculty of Dental Surgery


Dean Elect, Faculty of Dental Surgery

Mr Andy Edwards

Ordinary Councillors


Dr Stuart Hood


Dr Brian Murphy


Dr Graeme Tait


Dr Moe Oo

Physician (who obtained full registration with the GMC of the UK less than 10 years before the date of nomination)

Dr Arrianne Laws


Professor Colin McKay


Mr Stephen Mannion


Mr Jonathan Hannay


Mr Drummond Mansbridge

Surgeon (who obtained full registration with the GMC of the UK less than 10 years before the date of nomination)

Mr Alex Vesey

Regional Councillors

Scotland North (Grampian, Highland, Shetland, Orkney, Western Isles)

Professor Stuart Pringle

Scotland East (Tayside, Forth Valley, Fife, Lothian, Borders)

Mr John Camilleri-Brennan

Scotland West (GGC, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Dumfries & Galloway)

Dr Martha Quinn (temp)

Physician working outwith Scotland

Dr Asif Naqvi

Physician working outwith Scotland

Dr Douglas Thorburn

Surgeon working outwith Scotland

Mr Andraay Hon-Chi Leung

Surgeon working outwith Scotland

Professor Abhay Rane

Advisory Co-optees

Faculty of Public Health Medicine representative

Dr Emilia Crighton

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine representative

Professor Matthew Walters

Chair, Lay Advisory Board

Mrs Elizabeth Condie

Chair, Audit & Remuneration Committee

Mr Mark Allison

Global Health Director

Mr Mike McKirdy

International Director

Dr Hany Eteiba

Chair, Trainees’ Committee

Ms Mahua Chakrabarti

As of October 2018.

Dental Council



Dean / Vice President (Dental)

Professor Graham Ogden

Dean Elect

Mr Andy Edwards (from Oct 2018)

Vice Dean

Professor Jeremy Bagg

Vice Dean

Dr Christine Goodall


Dr Helen Patterson

Ordinary Councillor

Dr Beth Burns (to Oct 2018)

Ordinary Councillor

Dr Colwyn Jones

Ordinary Councillor

Dr Heather MacRitchie

Ordinary Councillor

Dr Donald McNicol

Ordinary Councillor < 10 years GDC registration

Ms Vicki Greig (to Oct 2018)

Regional Councillor outside Scotland

Ms Norah Flannigan

Regional Councillor outside Scotland

Mr Nathan Lee Brown

Regional Councillor Scotland North

(Grampian, Highland, Shetland, Orkney, Western Isles)

Mr Graham Orr

Regional Councillor Scotland East

(Tayside, Forth Valley, Fife, Lothian, Borders)

Mrs Antoniella Busuttil Naudi (to Oct 2018)

Regional Councillor Scotland West

(GGC, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Dumfries & Galloway)

Dr Andrew Forgie

Co-opted Members


Director, Dental Education, Training and Professional Development Board

Mr James Boyle

Director, Dental Examinations Board

Mr Andy Edwards

Interim Director, Dental Membership Services Board

Dr Andrew Forgie

International Advisor

Prof Raman Bedi

Lay Advisor

Ms Veena Soni

Co-opted Member

Dr Gautham Sivamurthy

Faculty of Travel Medicine Executive Board




Mrs Jane Chiodini

Vice Dean

Dr Sam Allen


Prof David Ross

Ordinary Member

Mrs Jennifer Anderson

Ordinary Member

Professor Ron Behrens

Ordinary Member

Dr Kathryn Geary

Ordinary Member

Dr Andrea Rossanese

Associate Member

Dr Fiona Taylor

Associate Member

Mrs Dawn Coley

Co-opted Members


Director, Education, Training & Professional Development

Prof David Ross

Hon Clin Reg, MFTM exam


Health Protection Scotland representative

Mrs Shirley Marshall

NaTHNaC representative

Miss Lynda Bramham

International Development Group representative

Dr Jon Cossar

Lay representative

Mr Alan MacDermid

Faculty of Podiatric Medicine Executive Board




Professor Robert Ashford

Vice Dean

Mrs Christine Skinner


Dr Catherine Hayes

Ordinary Member

Mr Julian Livingstone

Ordinary Member

Mr David Wylie

Ordinary Member

Mr David Dunning

Ordinary Member

Professor Jim Woodburn

Co-opted Members


Associate Honorary Clinical Registrar (MFPM)

Ms Pamela Price

Director of Communications

Mr Matthew Fitzpatrick

Director of Education, Training and Professional Development

Professor Sarah Curran

Affiliate Representative


Lay Representative


We are proud to be a worldwide community of healthcare professionals which is open and welcoming to all.